Limbaugh Delivers Sexist Remark About Making A "Real Woman" Out Of Hillary Clinton

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Rush Limbaugh delivered a sexist remark about making a "real woman" out of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, continuing his established pattern of sexism and misogyny.

On the December 14 edition of his radio show, Limbaugh said:

LIMBAUGH: I found myself in an elevator with Mrs. Clinton once. It was at a wedding, Brooklyn, doors locked, she hits the stop button. She said, Oh Rush, I've wanted to see you for so long, and nobody would believe it. Would you, would you make a real woman out of me? I said, Sure, let's take off our clothes. So I took mine off, and I pointed and I said, Now fold them.

Limbaugh has a history of sexist attacks, including saying that Clinton "reminds men of the worst characteristics of women" and calling a law student who testified before Congress about women's access to health care a "slut" and a "prostitute."

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