Limbaugh Advises GOP To Stop Negotiating With Obama Over Budget Cuts

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Rush Limbaugh is advising Republicans to refuse to negotiate in order to find out if Obama is willing to be blamed for any adverse economic consequences of automatic tax increases and spending cuts.

On his November 29 radio show, Limbaugh said that if Obama wants to avoid the automatic cuts scheduled for the beginning of next year, Republicans should end negotiations and force Obama to concede to their demands:

LIMBAUGH:  [T]he way to handle that, the way to call his bluff on this is to not negotiate with him and leave it up to him what happens. Very publicly walk away from the talks so that whatever happens vis-à-vis the cliff is perceived to happen -- well, the real point will be to flush Obama out, find out. I would suggest to people who really believe Obama is concerned about his second term and his legacy -- he doesn't want a recession -- the only way to flush that out is to come dangerously close to allowing it all to happen.

Limbaugh added: "If the Republicans offer no resistance to what Obama wants, we'll find out just how willing he is to take the country over the cliff."

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