Fox Dubs Paul Ryan "Mr. Fix-It"


Fox News continued its pattern of lavishing praise on Rep. Paul Ryan by labeling him "Mr. Fix-It" during a segment on Fox & Friends. Fox has previously described Ryan as a "rock star," a "bold, transformational" pick as Mitt Romney's running mate, a genius, and the "wiz kid of Congress." The network also once gave Ryan a birthday cake when he appeared on Fox News Sunday.

During the November 13 edition of Fox & Friends, Fox aired a clip of Ryan discussing his feelings on election night and promising to work on important issues when he returns to Congress. On-screen text during the segment stated "Mr. Fix-It" and "Ryan Discusses How To Fix A 'Broken America.' "

Contrary to Fox's invariably positive treatment of Ryan, economic experts have criticized Ryan's signature proposal -- his budget plan -- as "grossly irresponsible," "all smoke and mirrors," and harmful to seniors.

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