Fox's Bolling Falsely Claims Romney Never Said "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"


Fox host Eric Bolling insisted that there is no video of Mitt Romney saying that we should "let Detroit go bankrupt," when, in fact, Romney repeated those very words during a 2011 appearance on CBS' Early Show.

During the Friday edition of The Five, Bolling played a clip of President Obama saying that Romney has run away from his opposition to the auto rescue, despite the fact that Romney is "on videotape saying the words 'let Detroit go bankrupt.' "

Bolling said that Obama was wrong and that Romney had merely written a 2008 op-ed that The New York Times headlined "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" and that Romney has never actually said those words.

Here is video of Romney on the June 3, 2011, Early Show repeating the headline from the op-ed and embracing it:

The media have consistently covered for Romney or flubbed their fact checks on this issue, especially Fox News.

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