Fox Hosts Voter Suppression Group To Spin The Presidential Election

Fox Hosts Voter Suppression Group To Spin The Presidential Election


Fox News hid the controversial nature of the group it relied on to analyze political races in Minnesota.

Fox & Friends hosted Minnesota Majority's Jeff Davis to discuss Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod's claim that Minnesota will not likely go to Mitt Romney. When co-host Gretchen Carlson introduced Davis, she identified him as the "founder and president of the grassroots, non-profit group, Minnesota Majority," allowing Davis to hype GOP chances in the state without noting that his organization is a conservative one heavily involved in efforts to push voter ID laws in Minnesota:

In 2010, Minnesota Majority pushed the debunked claim that Sen. Al Franken won his 2008 election because of fraud involving felons illegally voting. Fox News hyped the group's findings, at the time calling it a "conservative watch dog group."

 After its voter fraud findings were discredited, Minnesota Majority joined the effort for a voter ID law in Minnesota, despite voter fraud being virtually non-existent in the state.

Such laws have been found to depress voter turnout, particularly among demographics who often vote for Democrats and who heavily supported Obama in 2008 minorities, low-income Americans, students, and older Americans.

As part of its voter ID law effort, Minnesota Majority posted a controversial illustration to its website in February, featuring an African American dressed as a felon and a man in a mariachi costume:

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