Fox Mocks NY Times For Doing Serious Foreign Policy Journalism


Fox News belittled the plight of North Koreans in its attack of the New York Times for not publishing a front-page story on the conspiracy theories about the Obama administration's response to the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy criticized the Times for not publishing a story about the bogus hearing regarding the right-wing consulate security myth on today's front-page. According to Doocy, the Times decided an article about "women in North Korea getting shorter skirts" was more important than an article about a right-wing conspiracy theory. Doocy's criticism comes several days after the public editor of the Times called out the paper for not publishing a front-page story about the hearing the day after it happened. 

But The Wall Street Journal -- owned by Fox News' parent company, News Corp. -- and the Washington Post did not place stories about the week-old, GOP-led hearing on page one either. In fact, today's page one of the Journal included a story about the connection between hospital payments and patient happiness.

Today's Times front-page article discussed the plight of the average North Korean under the country's new leader Kim Jong Un, a story that contrary to Doocy's claim, is about more than just mini-skirts. North Koreans interviewed for the story said "their lives have gotten harder, despite Mr. Kim's tantalizing pronouncements about boosting people's livelihoods that have fueled outside hopes that the nuclear-armed nation might ease its economically ruinous obsession with military hardware and dabble in Chinese-style market reforms."

As noted by the Times, these individuals took a risk by talking to the media because "the gulag awaits those who speak to journalists or Christian missionaries." Apparently, their courage means little to Fox's definition of "newsworthy."

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