Dick Morris' Evolving, Money-Influenced View Of The VP Debate

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Professionally wrong Fox News contributor Dick Morris can't keep straight who he thinks won the vice presidential debate. Though he was apparently mixed on both candidates, Thursday night Morris said Joe Biden "did better," but Friday Morris declared Paul Ryan the winner and used that claim to shill for donations to his super PAC.

During the debate, Morris sent several tweets chastising Paul Ryan. While he thought Ryan handled some issues well, near the end of the debate Morris declared that Ryan "did not do a good job" because he "sounds too timid and like a kid." In Morris' view, "Biden did better," because, while he sounded like a "demagogue" and a "characture [sic] of a politician," he was "stronger, more sincere, more forceful." Morris added that the debate would have "no real impact on the race."

What a difference a day (and a need to raise money) makes.

By the next morning, Morris was walking back his ruling. In his daily "Lunch Alert" video, Morris said that "I don't know if there was a winner in the vice presidential debate, but I think there was a loser. I think Joe Biden lost this debate horribly." But Morris also wasn't sold on Ryan; he reiterated that he was "disappointed" in the congressman because he was "passive, quiet."

By Friday afternoon, Morris had completed the full flip-flop. In an email sent to his subscribers raising money for the "Super PAC for America" group that he advises, Morris announced that "Paul Ryan won!"

According to Morris, he was "reminded of Mitt Romney's resounding defeat of Barack Obama in their recent debate."

The email includes several links to the fundraising page for Super PAC for America, which Morris says he recently joined to "serve as their Chief Strategist." (Morris was previously involved with Super PAC for America during the 2010 midterms, when he repeatedly used his platform on Fox News to plug the group.)

If it's not clear why Dick Morris is saying something, it's safe to assume at this point that money is involved. 

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