Limbaugh Denies Job Creation: "You'd Sense It"

Limbaugh Denies Job Creation: "You'd Sense It"


Rush Limbaugh is denying that any new jobs have been created, because if they had been, "You'd sense it."

This denial came the same day that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its monthly jobs report, which showed the unemployment rate dropping to 7.8 percent and employment increasing by 114,000.

Limbaugh cited these findings and then immediately claimed that no evidence exists to prove actual job creation. Limbaugh stated:

So what we're being told here is, thanks to a measly 114,000 jobs, the unemployment rate for September fell from 8.3 to 7.8. That's a full half-a-percentage point. Meanwhile, manufacturing jobs down six and a half percent last month. There's no evidence of any job creation. You'd sense it. You would know it. You would feel it.

Setting aside instinct and conspiracy theories, simple statistics show that Limbaugh is wrong.

As BLS wrote, "Since reaching an employment trough in February 2010, the private sector has added 4.7 million jobs."

Here is a chart that uses BLS statistics to show job creation since February 2010:

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