Fox "Strategic Analyst" Ralph Peters Makes More Inflammatory Claims In Wake Of Mideast Violence

Fox "Strategic Analyst" Ralph Peters Makes More Inflammatory Claims In Wake Of Mideast Violence

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Since the most recent outbreak of violence in the Middle East began, Fox News has turned to "strategic analyst" Ralph Peters, who has used those appearances to add to his history of making inflammatory anti-Muslim and anti-Obama claims.

Peters has appeared on Fox News at least nine times since September 11, when U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the current outbreak of violence. In many of those appearances, Peters has attacked President Obama's foreign policy.

For instance, on the September 13 edition of Fox & Friends, Peters called the violence "an inevitable result of weakness, of our president's non-policy, non-strategy." He referred to Obama as "an indecisive, fearful and, I believe, duplicitous man," repeating the falsehood that Obama has been "apologizing over and over again for America." Peters then asserted: "The only thing these radical Islamist fanatics understand is brute force. They kill four of ours, you kill 400 of theirs. Nothing else works. Sorry, Harvard, sorry, Yale, sorry, Princeton. Your theories flopped. When our people are killed, you kill them in large numbers."

Peters bashed Obama's foreign policy again on the September 13 edition of America Live, claiming the attacks showed the "comprehensive, if not catastrophic, failure of Obama's policy of appeasement. Appeasement didn't work with the Nazis, doesn't work with schoolyard bullies -- you can't give them half your lunch money -- and it hasn't worked over the last almost four years with the constant apologies to radical Islamists."

On the September 17 edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto, Peters claimed there is an "uncanny resemblance between President Obama blaming America's rich for all our ills and the Islamic extremists blaming rich America for all their ills."

On the September 19 edition of America Live, Peters said it was "plausible that elements in the State Department would be talking about" releasing Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as "the Blind Sheikh," who was convicted of planning terrorist attacks against the U.S., and implied Obama might do so if re-elected:

On the September 26 edition of Your World, Peters admitted he was using a "bit of hyperbole" to claim that "President Obama doesn't have a National Security Council, he has a Politburo. Everything is seen through a political lens."

Peters has a lengthy history of using his Fox News platform to engage in inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric and regular smears of President Obama.

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