Fox's Megyn Kelly Compares Obama Campaign Poster To Image Of Blood-Smeared Wall In Libya

Fox's Megyn Kelly Compares Obama Campaign Poster To Image Of Blood-Smeared Wall In Libya


Fox News host Megyn Kelly today compared an abstract rendition of the American flag used by the Obama campaign to an image of a blood smeared on a wall after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

On America Live, Kelly hosted Fox News contributor Alan Colmes and right-wing radio host Mike Gallagher to discuss the use of flag imagery in an Obama campaign poster. The poster has been the subject of a manufactured controversy by the right-wing media, which have used the image to attack the Obama campaign.

But Kelly escalated the attack today by comparing the red streaks in the poster to blood smeared on a wall at the Benghazi consulate, claiming that an "unfortunate thing for the president" is that "if you go online, a lot of folks have said that the smearing of the red stripes is eerily reminiscent of a terrible picture we've all seen ... which is the bloody handprints outside of our Libyan consulate."

While Kelly's linking a campaign image to a scene of violence and death is offensive, right-wing blogs such as Gateway Pundit, which were originally responsible for promoting the two images side by side, went even further, accusing the campaign of "pushing a product that reminds Americans of the slaughter in Benghazi."

Kelly also aired an image of the Obama campaign's flag designs, followed by an image of the bloody handprints:



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