Limbaugh To Sarah Jessica Parker: "Sarah, Eat Something, Will You?"

Limbaugh To Sarah Jessica Parker: "Sarah, Eat Something, Will You?"


Rush Limbaugh revived the ridiculous attack that President Obama "doesn't have time" and is "too busy" to attend his daily intelligence briefings, claiming that "other priorities," like his re-election campaign and fundraising, are taking precedence over national security. In doing so, he also took a shot at actress Sarah Jessica Parker, an Obama supporter, for her appearance. 

As we wrote on Thursday, and as Limbaugh himself noted, Obama receives national security briefings in other ways throughout his day, including reading the daily briefs and meeting with members of his Cabinet and national security experts. 

While discussing the issue with a caller, Limbaugh purported to list the many fundraisers Obama is attending, including "Jay-Z fundraisers" and Vogue editor "Anna Wintour fundraisers" and "what's her face, Sarah Jessica Parker." He then interjected: "Sarah, eat something, will you?" before mentioning actor/director George Clooney. 

But he went back to dissecting Parker's appearance, saying: 

LIMBAUGH: No, she looks like she needs to eat. It's bones. It's bones. I keep thinking that the knee is gonna pop through the skin. Have compassion, here. Anyway.

Limbaugh previously took a shot at Parker while discussing an ad she cut for Obama's campaign. On his June 5 radio show, he said: "It's been 10 years since Sarah Jessica Parker did anything." He went on to say "she hates me, by the way. She has made movies -- well, not made movies. She has insisted on scripts in movies where I get ripped to shreds. She doesn't like me, which is fine, it's a badge honor." 

On his June 15 show, he said that the New York Post had reported that Parker lived in "an absolute pigsty." 

Parker and Wintour were the target of sexist attacks by right-wing media after the Obama campaign announced that both would be featured guests at a fundraiser in New York City alongside Michelle Obama. 

Limbaugh has been heavily criticized for his decades-long misogynistic attacks on women. If you'll recall, it is his personal attacks on Sandra Fluke that resulted in mass advertiser exodus and millions of dollars in lost revenue.

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