Fox Hides The Facts In Attempt To Disprove Existence Of GOP "War on Women"

Fox Hides The Facts In Attempt To Disprove Existence Of GOP "War on Women"

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In a segment attempting to disprove Democrats' contention that Republicans are engaged in a "war on women," Fox & Friends featured a guest whose views actually exemplify the legislative efforts to restrict women's rights. 

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson interviewed U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long to discuss the Democrats' charge that Republican policies are anti-woman. She introduced the segment saying "many Democrats at last week's convention accused Republicans of waging a war on women, but Republican women would beg to differ." Carlson asked Long if it "could be insulting" for Democrats to focus on social issues and the two quickly pivoted to the economy with dubious talking points about how women have fared economically under Obama.

But if Carlson had actually asked Long about her views on women's health issues, it would have become obvious that Long is in lockstep with a Republican Party that has made it a priority to roll back women's health protections.

Carlson did not ask Long about Republican opposition to contraception coverage for employees. Long supports the Blunt amendment, Republican-sponsored legislation that would allow any corporation to withdraw coverage from its workers for contraception or any other medical treatment by claiming that it objects to such coverage.

Carlson also did not ask Long about Republican opposition to abortion. The Republican platform calls for a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion and contains no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. And Long opposes Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that upholds a woman's right to have an abortion. Long has called Roe "a very flawed legal decision" and insisted that "if it were overturned tomorrow, no one would miss it."

Carlson also did not ask Long about her position on Griswold v. Connecticut, which constitutionally protects the right of married people to purchase contraception. Long has said that "[w]e didn't need to make a constitutional issue out of contraception." Long added that the Constitution "says nothing about contraception" and "[t]he Framers understood that whatever laws were passed on subjects not addressed by the Constitution would reflect the will of the people."

It's telling that when Fox tried to disprove the existence of a Republican "war on women," it hosted someone who doesn't believe in a constitutional right to contraception, doesn't believe in a constitutional right to abortion, and doesn't believe workers should have contraception coverage if the corporations for which they work objects to such coverage.

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