CNN's Loesch Does Not Want Akin To Appear On CNN After "Legitimate Rape" Comments

CNN's Loesch Does Not Want Akin To Appear On CNN After "Legitimate Rape" Comments

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CNN contributor Dana Loesch had a meltdown on Twitter after learning that Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) was scheduled to be a guest on CNN to discuss the controversy surrounding his claim that it is "really rare" for victims of "legitimate rape" to become pregnant from the assault, despite this being one of the top news stories of the day.

CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight had announced that Monday's program would be hosting Akin -- "the biggest name of the day" and "the man everyone is talking about" -- following the Missouri Senate candidate's inflammatory comments. Upon hearing that news, Loesch took to Twitter to criticize Rep. Akin's decision to appear on her own network:

Despite Loesch's complaint at the possibility that Akin might appear on CNN, he also appeared on Mike Huckabee's and Sean Hannity's radio programs.

Apparently, Loesch thinks it's out of bounds for a Senate candidate and incumbent congressman to appear on a news network to discuss one of the major political news stories of the day. Loesch has been working to dismiss the ostracized congressman's outrageous comments in order to try and save face for Missouri Republicans. 

By the way, Akin ended up being a no-show on Piers Morgan Tonight.

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