Fox News Hypes The Republican National Convention: "It's Going To Be Very Exciting!"

Fox News Hypes The Republican National Convention: "It's Going To Be Very Exciting!"

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Fox's supposed news anchors are really looking forward to the Republican National Convention and its roster of "eloquent," "bold" and "very charismatic" speakers.

This morning, America's Newsroom reported on the news that, following the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Romney's VP choice, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had been tapped as the keynote speaker for the RNC.

Co-host Martha MacCallum explained that "another big name in the VP mix," Florida Senator Marco Rubio, would be introducing Romney at the event. The presence of Rubio, Christie, and Ryan at the convention made sense to MacCallum because they represented the "bold choice candidates" for vice president.

Sounding more like an Entertainment Tonight host than a news anchor, co-host Gregg Jarrett explained that "Christie never fails to charge up the crowd, and Marco Rubio is quite eloquent out on the stump, if you've ever watched him deliver a speech. He really knows how to connect with the audience. Very charismatic."

After Jarrett described the speakers as "probably good choices for the GOP," MacCallum exclaimed, "It's going to be very exciting!"

Fox's excitement over Ryan, Christie, and Rubio is nothing new, as the network has actively promoted the careers of all three men for years.

Prior to his selection as Romney's VP candidate, Fox News repeatedly praised Paul Ryan and his "courage" in Congress, going so far as to present him with a birthday cake earlier this year. Following his announcement, Fox personalities called him a "rock star," compared him to Ronald Reagan, and labeled him "the coolest."

In 2010, after then-senate candidate Marco Rubio delivered a speech at CPAC, Fox News declared that "A Political Star Is Born," and helped promote fundraising efforts to benefit his campaign.

Fox has similarly fawned over Chris Christie. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes reportedly "fell hard" for Christie after meeting him and encouraged him to run for president.

RNC speakers aren't limited to Fox's favorite politicians. Fox News host Mike Huckabee is slated to speak, and former Fox host and current Ohio Governor John Kasich will also give a speech.

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