WSJ: 1,100 Words But A Job Ain't One

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The Wall Street Journal is helping Republicans pivot from job creation to deficit reduction, writing that the 2012 election will be defined primarily as a debate over how to reduce the federal deficit. Not once did the Journal mention jobs or unemployment.

Here's the Journal's take on Mitt Romney's decision Saturday to name Paul Ryan his vice presidential candidate:

In an election defined by competing visions for taming the deficit, Republicans are buoyed by Mr. Ryan's choice because few in the party can talk about fiscal issues with more comfort and depth than the author of the most prominent budget-reform proposals.

Never mind that economists say that shifting focus from creating jobs to deficit reduction is wrong-headed. Paul Ryan! Squirrel!

The Journal spent more than 1,100 words explaining the impact Ryan would have on the presidential race, but not one of those words was "job."

That's unfortunate. The people who will actually be voting in the November election say that the economy and jobs remain the top priority, not debt and deficits.

Yet while voters and economists say jobs are the country's top priority, Ryan's actual economic blueprint has been eviscerated by economists for engaging in job creation fantasies.

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