Fox Covers Up Romney's Support For Ryan's Medicare Plan


Fox did its best to cover up the fact that Mitt Romney has endorsed the radical Medicare plan put forward by his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy claimed that "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not running on the Ryan plan. They're running on the Mitt Romney plan." Guest host Eric Bolling said he's "not sure what the Romney plan is," and Fox Business host Stuart Varney similarly said "I'm not entirely sure in detail what the Romney plan is."*

Fox's attempt to distance Romney from Ryan's plan echoes the Romney campaign's own talking points. Romney's campaign has said that "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have different views on some policy areas -- like Medicare."

It's not surprising that Fox and Romney would distance themselves from Ryan's plan. Ryan's plan would end Medicare as we know it by transforming it into a voucher system, a move that would hurt the program's elderly recipients.

The fact of the matter is that Romney has embraced Ryan's plan. According to Romney's own campaign website, his Medicare plan "almost precisely mirrors" Ryan's. Furthermore, Romney has repeatedly praised Ryan's plan, which ends Medicare and hurts the program's elderly recipients.

*Sentence clarified

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