FLASHBACK: Fox's Eric Bolling On Global Warming: "Do We Even Need Our Air Conditioners Next Year?"


Last year on his now-defunct Fox Business show, Eric Bolling asked his guest, "Tell us, global warming, what's going to happen? Do we even need our air conditioners next year?" Turns out, we did. The U.S. has experienced record-breaking temperatures this summer that experts say are evidence of climate change.

So far, this year has been the warmest on record in the contiguous U.S., according to NOAA. Last month's massive heat wave broke more than 2,000 temperature records and established July as the hottest month since recordkeeping began in 1895. There have been more record high temperatures in the past seven months than in all of 2011, and record daily highs have outnumbered record daily lows 10-to-1. Scientists say that under normal conditions, the number of record highs and record lows set each year would be about even, and that this lop-sided ratio is the result of global warming.

Even Bolling's guest, who called global warming the "greatest scientific fraud" he'd ever witnessed, had to tell Bolling, yes, of course, you'll want an air conditioner. Bolling, a former oil trader and current co-host of The Five, has consistently shown a shocking ignorance on global warming and a willingness to lie about scientists -- yet Fox continues to treat him as an expert.

While Bolling turns a blind eye to the established link between climate change and extreme heat, he and his colleagues at Fox News seize on every snowstorm as an opportunity to cast doubt on the strong scientific consensus that human activities are causing global temperatures to rise. As many scientists would be glad to explain to Fox News, global warming will not eliminate winter, but it will increase the likelihood of extreme heat. "Of all the different extreme events that can happen, the partial attribution of heat waves to ongoing climate change is one of the easier connections," according to NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt.

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