Does Truth Matter At Fox, Megyn?

Does Truth Matter At Fox, Megyn?


On yesterday's edition of Fox News' America Live, host Megyn Kelly lamented the lack of what she called "truth" in presidential campaign advertising, even asking the question, "Does truth matter anymore at all in the political process?"

Considering the network she broadcasts on -- which we referred to just last year as a "Post-Truth Network" -- it was a little hard for us to take her plaintive cries seriously.

So we took a look back, as we often do, at Fox News' combative relationship with facts. Kelly referenced recent political ads that had been criticized by independent fact-checkers for their supposed dishonesty, and we used that same standard. What did outfits like and PolitiFact have to say about a small sampling of some of Fox News' favorite narratives of the past few years?

It turns out that if Megyn Kelly is as interested in the truth as she claims to be, she should start enforcing those standards a little closer to home before worrying about what anyone else is doing.

Megyn Kelly
America Live
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