Ted Nugent's Race Problem

Ted Nugent's Race Problem


Last week Washington Times columnist and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent used opinion pieces to unleash racial tirades against both the African-American and Latino communities.

In a June 13 Washington Times column, Nugent advised Mitt Romney, who he has endorsed for president, to tell Latinos to act more like Asians:

The unemployment rate among Latinos stands at 11 percent, which is much higher than the national average. Mr. Romney must continue to remind Latinos that improving the economy is key to improving their livelihood. He should tell them that Mr. Obama's economic policies are a complete disaster and that the president has failed them miserably.

Mr. Romney should continue to press for education reform, and remind Latino voters that education is vital to success. He should illustrate the importance that Americans of Asia-Pacific descent place on education and how fast their children move into the middle class. It doesn't have to be an Asian thing.

He should praise Latinos for their strong work ethic and remind them that this work ethic coupled with an education is an unstoppable combination that will catapult them into the middle class and beyond.

Then in a June 15 column for Newsmax Nugent claimed that "overwhelming majority of blacks are slaughtered by other black hoodlums":

I do agree with Mr. [Bill] Cosby that the Trayvon Martin shooting has nothing to do with race. Only empty-headed racists such as our black-panther loving Department of Justice believe otherwise.

Race does, however, play a significant role in the percentage of black Americans who are killed and wounded every single day in America.

The overwhelming majority of blacks are slaughtered by other black hoodlums, the overwhelming majority of whom are involved in gangs and drugs -- you know, that "victimless crime" thing.

Mr. Cosby is right about this tragedy. These black punks do use guns to solve their gang-related differences. None of them carry or use their guns legally.

Media Matters has previously noted that Nugent has made inflammatory comments on a number of topics, particularly race.

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