Limbaugh's Extended Rant Against Obama Propped Up By Falsehoods


On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh launched into an extended rant in which he explained "the key selling points in the marketing of Barack Obama to the American public" and how he knew that Obama was "a fraud" as early as 2008, while the American people were blinded by his "magic." He went on to lay out the ways in which the president has shown his "radicalism" by rehashing long-debunked conspiracy theories.

Here are some of Limbaugh's more notable quotes from the monologue, which stretched to nearly eight minutes:

LIMBAUGH: [Obama] was different. Unique. Smarter. More worldly. More articulate. More reasonable. More understanding. We had never seen anything like him before. Yes, he was of mixed-race, but that wasn't what made him different. Turns out, it did. No, it was that he was special.

Barack Obama was special. He was better than us. He was better than we are. He would deliver us from evil; he would make the world love us again, because the rest of the world already loved him -- new-found respect. He was going to end partisanship. He was going to end racism. He was going to end discrimination simply by being elected. Nothing more. Magic was just waiting to happen.

President Obama's race has long been one of Limbaugh's favorite topics of conversation.

LIMBAUGH: Nobody delivered speeches like Obama. Nobody mesmerized a crowd like Obama. No candidate before him could say so little so well. No candidate before Obama ever, ever had the ability to say nothing as brilliantly and as articulately as Barack Obama.

And nobody before him ever had a better crease in the pants. The crease in his slacks was so sharp and so unique that one of the most brilliant political commentators in the world, David Brooks at the New York Times, recognized that crease in Obama's pants immediately as the thing that stood out about him, that was going to make him a great president. We actually heard this. It was stated and Brooks wrote it and he repeated it. And it was used as -- proudly as an example of the uniqueness of Obama.

According to The National Republic, Brooks did indeed notice the crease in Obama's pants while meeting and talking to him for the first time as a senator, but who knows where Limbaugh got the idea that the crease was the "thing that stood out about him" for Brooks. And the column that Brooks wrote following his meeting with Obama, in fact, doesn't mention anything about a crease.

LIMBAUGH: He was a citizen of the world. He could go to Cairo and make Osama Bin Laden convert to Judaism. He could turn gay people straight, straight people gay, bi people -- whatever they wanted. He could do whatever anybody wanted to be done. He could make it possible. And it was gonna happen almost instantly the day after he was immaculated. We were lucky. We were oh so lucky to have Barack Obama -- except that we weren't.

Osama Bin Laden reportedly lived in Pakistan for years, not Egypt.

Limbaugh went on to repeat the discredited idea that the Affordable Care Act instituted death panels and the false claim that Obama "shut down American oil rings while bankrolling oil rigs in Brazil."

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