Fox's Stossel Adds Pre-Existing Conditions To His Discrimination Wish List


Fox Business host John Stossel mocked efforts to end discrimination in the health care insurance market, claiming "discrimination is what insurance is about." Appearing on Fox & Friends, Stossel called the individual mandate "the least of" his issues with the health care reform law, citing "the rule against discrimination" as a worse aspect of the law.

One of the more popular aspects of the Affordable Care Act is a provision prohibiting health care insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions. Recent polling shows that 85 percent of Americans support the pre-existing condition measures in the law. But those are exactly the ones that the pro-discrimination crusader Stossel is fighting against.

Stossel claimed ending discrimination based on pre-existing conditions is tantamount to saying "Lindsay Lohan and I should pay the same car insurance premium" and that the regulations promoting more universal coverage "intuitively feels right to people, but then it's not insurance. They might as well just call it one more welfare program."

Stossel has a long history of advocating for inequality and promoting discrimination. He has attacked Title IX, which mandates that schools and colleges that receive federal funds provide the same opportunities for girls as boys; he has downplayed the growing income inequality between the rich and poor; he has defended employers' right to discriminate against the unemployed; and even called for repeal of parts of the Civil Rights Act that ended racial discrimination in employment.

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