What Happens When A Fox News Reporter Attends A Gay Pride Parade?

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On Saturday, Brooklyn hosted its 15th Annual Brooklyn Pride Night Parade. Fox News Radio reporter and anti-gay mouthpiece Todd Starnes was in attendance and reacted pretty much exactly how anyone familiar with Starnes would expect – by using Twitter to mock the parade's attendees:

Starnes also took to his Facebook page to complain about the event, writing:

Starnes' comments – which sound a lot like the kind of thing you'd hear from a homophobic teenager – weren't the only anti-gay remarks he made over the weekend.

On Sunday, he tweeted "The nation's public schools employ militant gays, leftists and anti-Americans to teach your kids," linking to an article that had nothing to do with homosexuality:

Though Starnes presents himself as a serious Fox News journalist, these kinds of tweets reveal the kind of anti-LGBT animus that motivates his focus on so-called "culture war stories."

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