Fox Lets Mitch McConnell Off The Hook For Blocking Jobs Bill


Fox News covered up GOP obstructionism on jobs creation, letting Senator Mitch McConnell falsely claim that Congress has passed "most" of President Obama's jobs bill.

McConnell appeared on Fox to respond after President Obama appeared at a Friday press conference and urged Congress to pass a jobs bill he has been promoting since September. That proposal included $35 billion for teacher rehiring and first responders, along with $105 billion to fix roads and schools, make long-term investments in the nation's infrastructure and to improve vacant or abandoned properties to revitalize communities. Economist Mark Zandi estimated that the bill would have created 2 million jobs and boosted economic growth by 2 percent.

In pressing Congress to pass the jobs bill, Obama specifically noted: "If Congress had passed it in full, we'd be on track to have a million more Americans working this year. The unemployment rate would be lower. Our economy would be stronger." Fox turned to Mitch McConnell, the top Senate Republican, to respond, allowing McConnell to argue, "we passed most of what he asked us to pass last fall, and some of the rest of it is about to pass."

Anchor Jon Scott, hosting one of Fox's so-called news shows, made no effort to have McConnell explain what it means to pass "most" of a jobs bill, thereby letting McConnell off the hook for the GOP's efforts to block the bill.

In November, Senate Republicans, led by McConnell, filibustered the bill preventing it from becoming law. CBS News reported at the time:

Senate Republicans blocked President Obama's $447 billion jobs package on Tuesday, putting the brakes on a bill Mr. Obama has been vigorously promoting over the past month.

Fox viewers were left with the impression that that filibuster never happened.

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