Hannity: Fox Failed To Vet Obama In 2008

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Ah, more vexing vetting rhetoric.

As we noted yesterday, conservative critics of Obama and the press won't stop complaining about how the president has never been properly vetted and that there are all kinds of unknowns about his mysterious past.

Obama has gotten a total free ride!

Last night Sean Hannity echoed that point:

Here's the problem though, with Hannity's claim that Obama "successfully hid who he really was for the entire last election cycle": Hannity works for what's supposed to be a news organization, Fox News. Y'know, a cable channel with reporters and producers and researchers and everything. And yes, Fox News was supposed to have covered the 2008 campaign and helped inform the electorate about the candidates running for president.

So the obvious question for Hannity is, why did Fox not vet Obama in 2008? Why did Fox allow the Democrat to keep hidden the truth about who he really is during the intense 24-hour news cycle that surrounded the year-long campaign? And has Hannity pressed executives about why the network allegedly allowed Obama to skate through the primary and then the general election without having to reveal his true self?

More questions: Does Hannity think Rupert Murdoch's Fox News was part of a vast liberal media conspiracy to go easy on the Democratic candidate? And was the right-wing New York Post also in on the cover-up and is that why Murdoch's daily failed to vet Obama in 2008?

Because remember, Hannity was clear: Obama "successfully hid" the truth about who he was for the "entire last election cycle." Hannity's claim, which has been repeated hundred of times over the last four years by Obama critics, inevitably means the conservative press (including Fox!) also fell down on the vetting job. You can't have it both ways Sean.

Hopefully Hannity can investigate further and report back on Fox's chilling 2008 failure.

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