Fox's Ablow Endorses "Doomsday Unit" In Case The Government "Tak[es] Control" Of "Individual Liberty"


Fox News contributor and psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow has a weekly segment on Fox & Friends called "Normal or Nuts," in which he takes viewers' emails about their odd traits and then declares them either "normal" or "nuts." Usually these complaints fall into the category of personality quirks; for example, today's segment included a viewer asking if it was normal to have a crush on her sister's husband. But one of the emails this morning took an odd turn, when a viewer asked if it was normal that they were planning to "move to a doomsday unit in case of an attack." The viewer went on to describe their "safety silo" as having "space to store dry food for years" and being able to "run on wind power."

After co-host Gretchen Carlson read the email, which concluded with the viewer asking if the "safety silo" was "just craziness," Ablow reassured the viewer that, while he wished he could call the viewer "nuts," it made sense because a group of unnamed wealthy people had a plan to flee the country "in case things get so wildly out of control with the government taking over that there's no individual liberty left":

CARLSON (reading question): OK. I may move to a doomsday unit in case of an attack, my new home will have 9 foot thick concrete walls, run on wind power, and with space to store dry food for years. Is a safety silo just craziness?

ABLOW: No, you know, I wish it were. I honestly wish it were. I wish I could sit here and say, "Boy, that's so crazy." But I got to tell you, people with lots of money, they must be really crazy, because they're getting houses outside this country to flee to in case things get so wildly out of control with the government taking control that there's no individual liberty left. So this isn't craziness, but the question is wouldn't you rather build walls of steel in your character? That's never vulnerable.

Ablow's diagnosis?

Ablow Normal

Ablow has previously fearmongered about how the government could eventually rob Americans of their freedom. He has attempted to tie raising tax rates on the wealthy to Nazi Germany; claimed health care reform could "sow the seeds" of the "kind of oppression" seen in Egypt; and called a labor dispute between the National Labor Relations Board and Boeing "the end of freedom in America." (And this is just a tiny sample of Ablow's wild claims; you can read more here.)

Immediately after Ablow told the "doomsday unit" viewer that it was normal to have a plan to guard against the government robbing people of their individual liberty, he offered this diagnosis of the woman who has a crush on her sister's husband:

Ablow Nuts


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