Brace Yourself For Falsehoods: Hannity Promises Week-Long Vetting Of Obama's Appointees

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Tonight on his Fox News show, Sean Hannity promised to spend time this week examining President Obama's "controversial appointments, ... in other words, the very extreme people that he's put in positions of power."

If history is any indication, Hannity's latest attempt to "examine" Obama's appointees will be nothing more than a vicious smear campaign based on distortions, guilt by association, and outright falsehoods.

Throughout 2009, Hannity relentlessly attacked Kevin Jennings, a former Department of Education official who led federal efforts to prevent bullying. During his attacks on Jennings, Hannity repeatedly falsely claimed that Jennings failed to report the statutory rape of a 15-year-old student. Hannity even advanced that falsehood after the claim had been conclusively debunked. Hannity also advanced the smears that Jennings supported NAMBLA and sought to indoctrinate students about homosexuality.

And Hannity's attack on Jennings is just one example of Hannity's long line of vicious smears against Obama appointees.

We've documented Hannity claiming that Obama nominees and appointees support death panels, want forced sterilizations, push for Sharia law in America, admire Mao Zedong, show empathy for a serial killer, and on and on:

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