Michelle Malkin: Ann Coulter Now Part Of The 'War On Conservative Women'

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This is getting confusing.

In the wake of Rush's Limbaugh's nasty, sustained attack on Sandra Fluke, one of the responses from the right-wing media was to engage in a game of equivalence. Rather than unequivocally condemn Limbaugh's ugly behavior, conservatives insisted that liberals were even worse in terms of their sexist behavior and that there was a so-called War on Conservative Women that the press was ignoring.

Setting aside the insanely offensive and debasing right-wing comments that have been made about prominent Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama, conservatives produced long lists of previous insults directed at prominent conservatives and claimed they were the same as Limbaugh spending three days on his nationally syndicated radio show insulting a law student nearly 50 times.

They were not.

Now however, the so-called War On Conservative Women seems to have expanded to encompass any comments that are critical of Sarah Palin. At least according to top cop Michelle Malkin, who recently ticketed right-wing columnist Ann Coulter.

Coulter had the nerve to referr to Palin as a "novelty candidate" and insisted she would do damage to the Republican Party if she somehow ended up on the November ticket. Coulter's comments ran afoul of the conservative PC police.

No joke:

Sometimes, the war on conservative women isn't just being waged by the Left. This is a form of political fragging. Shame.

So attention far-right commentators, including women. If you dare criticize Sarah Palin you will be called out for waging War on Conservative Women.

Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin
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