UPDATED: Fox Misreports Inconvenient Poll Results On Gas Prices

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Last night Special Report anchor Bret Baier claimed a Fox News poll showed "the majority said that the president is to blame for gas prices" -- in line with Fox's false messaging that the Obama administration is responsible for the price increase. But Baier got it backwards. In fact, 52 percent said Obama is not to blame.

From the poll:

fox poll question blame

UPDATE 3/16 7:50PM: On tonight's broadcast, Baier acknowledged that Fox News' poll found a majority do not blame the president for gas prices. He provided the following correction:

BAIER: I want to point out last night I said about Fox News polls that the majority of people believe that the gas prices are to blame - President Obama is to blame for the gas prices. This is the actual Fox News poll. Yes, to blame 40 percent; No, 52 percent. I was thinking of the CBS/New York Times poll. Can the president control the price of gas? Can do a lot about it, 54 percent; Beyond control, 36 percent. Or Gallup, can the president and Congress control rising price of gas? Yes, can control 65 percent; No, beyond control 31 percent. I apologize for the mix-up.

The belief that the U.S. government can control gasoline prices is fundamentally mistaken -- as the Wall Street Journal, the Cato Institute, and Fox's John Stossel have noted.

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