Murdoch Hits the Hacking Trifecta

Murdoch Hits the Hacking Trifecta

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In the latest sign that News Corp.'s hacking scandal shows no signs of fading, Scotland Yard is reportedly investigating Times of London with regards to allegations that a Times reporter "gained unauthorized access to an e-mail account."

As today's New York Times notes:

The development was significant in two regards: it focused attention on e-mail hacking rather than the illicit voice mail interception at the center of inquiries so far, and it suggested that the most august of the Murdoch publications in Britain was not immune from scrutiny.

But the development is also significant because it means Murdoch's media companies are now being investigated, on two separate continents, for three different kinds of hacking: phone, email, and computer.

As Media Matters has been documenting for months, it's increasingly clear that there's a larger culture of corruption inside Murdoch's media empire, and that too many of his employees feel unrestrained by ethics or the law.

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