Fox Graphics Department's Failure Hat Trick (Obamney Edition)

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The Fox News graphics department is having a very bad week.

On Monday, it displayed a chart showing unemployment during the Obama administration that portrayed the 8.6 percent rate in November higher than the 8.8 percent rate in March.

On Tuesday, in a pair of graphics, Fox News misidentified Utah as Nevada and Vermont as New Hampshire.

Now, on today's edition of America Live, a graphic showing poll results for Republican presidential candidates included a picture of President Obama over Mitt Romney's name:


Here's the video clip:

There's a couple seconds of dead air and blank screen, but it's unclear whether Fox News recognized the error and quickly pulled down the graphic or if it was a transmission problem due to Megyn Kelly hosting the show from Sioux City, Iowa, where she will take part in tomorrow night's Fox News Republican presidential debate.

UPDATE: Later in the show, Kelly apologized for the error and displayed a graphic correctly displaying a picture of Romney.

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