Colbert Ridicules Fox Op-Ed Claiming "Anchor Babies" Are Real


On the December 12 edition of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert took a swipe at anti-immigrants who have criticized the American Heritage Dictionary for revising its "anchor baby" entry to reflect the disparaging and offensive nature of that phrase. He went on to mock Bob Dane, a spokesman from designated hate group the Federation for American Immigration Reform, who wrote in a recent op-ed that the "offensive aspect of 'anchor baby' isn't the term itself, but the practice of having children on U.S. soil for the sheer purpose of gaming the system."

Colbert also exposed the sheer absurdity of the "anchor baby" myth, saying:

COLBERT: Now that anchor baby has been declared offensive, I hold little hope for my submission, "grappling baby": noun, the all too common occurrence of a pregnant woman in Mexico aiming her birth canal at America to launch her baby over the border so then she can climb in using the umbilical cord.


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