More Fox News Primary Woes

More Fox News Primary Woes

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Note to Republican candidates: If you want to survive through to the primaries do not become the object of Fox News' affection. That seems to be the kiss of death in this year's TV-driven campaign season.

Honestly, does wannabe kingmaker Roger Ailes and his team jinx every candidate they embrace? It's starting to look that way as Herman Cain's campaign continues to unravel.

Remember, as Media Matters recently detailed, between June and November this year Cain logged an astounding 69 appearances on Fox, totaling more than ten hours of airtime, as the channel gladly powered his campaign for months at a time. Free of charge. But now his run seems to be all but over.

Cain's spectacular fall mirrors recent GOP implosions, like the ones suffered by Donald Trump and Rick Perry, both of whom were heralded by Fox News as can't-miss stars for 2012.

Not to mention Fox News' other disappointments; the possible candidates who the channel relentlessly hyped and pleaded with to run (Chris Christie, Sarah Palin), only to have them beg off, leaving Ailes' crew crest-fallen.

The futile search for the Fox News Candidate of 2012 continues.

UPDATED: Making matters worse for Ailes and company, out on the campaign trail this week former Fox News pundit Newt Gingrich ridiculed his old employer, telling voters "One of the real changes that comes when you start running for president - as opposed to being an analyst on Fox - is I have to actually know what I'm talking about."

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