Jim Hoft On UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident: "How To Shut Down A Row Of Screeching Libs In 4 Easy Swoops"


After video of police officers pepper spraying protesters point blank at UC Davis emerged last week, blogger Jim Hoft defended the police in a November 20 post titled, "Sorry Libs... The UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident Was "Standard Police Procedure." Hoft wrote in his post above a picture of a police officer spraying seated protesters, "How to shut down a row of screeching libs in 4 easy swoops..."

Two officers at UC Davis have been put on administrative leave since the video emerged.

From Hoft's post:

How to shut down a row of screeching libs in 4 easy swoops...
pepper spray
In this image taken from video, a police officer uses pepper spray Friday as he walks down a line of Occupy demonstrators sitting on the ground at the University of California, Davis. (MSNBC)

Sorry libs... You can quit your squawking and take your leftie-indoctrinated butts back to class. The UC Davis pepper spray incident was standard police procedure.

On Friday a group of UC Davis students blocked the campus walkway with arms linked and started chanting, "From Davis to Greece, F*ck the police!" Moments later the little darlings were doused with pepper spray. This was only after several attempts by campus police to get them to move.

Of course, the liberal media only played the part where the students were sprayed down.
But after two days of leftist outrage we find out that this was standard police procedure.
This comes from MSNBC:

A law enforcement official who watched the clip called the use of force "fairly standard police procedure."
Story: Occupy protests spread to college campuses

The protest was held in support of the overall Occupy Wall Street movement and in solidarity with protesters at the University of California, Berkeley who were jabbed by police with batons on Nov. 9.

Charles J. Kelly, a former Baltimore Police Department lieutenant who wrote the department's use of force guidelines, said pepper spray is a "compliance tool" that can be used on subjects who do not resist, and is preferable to simply lifting protesters.

"When you start picking up human bodies, you risk hurting them," Kelly said. "Bodies don't have handles on them."


Get back to class.

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