The Daily Caller's Deneen Borelli Accidentally Calls The Daily Caller A "Schoolyard Bully"

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On Fox's media criticism show Fox News Watch, Daily Caller columnist and Fox contributor Deneen Borelli claimed that the media are "playing schoolyard bully" because they're targeting GOP primary frontrunners by reporting unfavorable stories about them.

Borelli claimed that this bullying by the media "started with Michele Bachmann with the migraines":

JON SCOTT (host): There is the feeling out there that the media play whack whack-a-mole with whoever has risen to the top of the Republican heap. They sort of stick their heads, you know, this much farther above the others and they get whacked. Is that the case here, Deneen?

BORELLI: No, I totally agree with you. I think, you know, with the -- the media is playing schoolyard bully. This is their next target. They started with Michele Bachmann with the migraines. Then they moved over with Cain, with his debacle which is going on of late. So now they're targeting Cain because he's slightly ahead in the polls. So I think that this is a round-robin target of the Republican candidates going on. And anytime it happens, it diminishes their popularity.

However, it was The Daily Caller -- where Borelli is a columnist -- that first published the widely criticized story about Bachmann suffering from migraines. Does Borelli think that her own Daily Caller is a "schoolyard bully"?


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