Eric Bolling's Revisionist History: Trump Only Spent "One Day" Discussing Obama's Birth Certificate


While discussing the possibility of a Donald Trump presidential run, The Five's Eric Bolling dismissed the notion that the on-again off-again GOP candidate spent more than "one day" questioning the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate:

Even conservative co-host Greg Gutfeld, scoffed, "That was a long day."

The Donald Trump-Fox News birtherism extravaganza launched in March 2011 when Trump appeared on The View and declared: "I want him to show his birth certificate.

Trump's birther comments and Fox's coverage of them grew louder and more frequent throughout the spring. For every call for the release of the birth certificate, it seemed there was a Fox personality such as Steve Doocy to cover it and even endorse it: as late as May, Doocy declared that "ultimately," Trump "was right on the birther issue."

Even after the Obama administration released the long form version of his birth certificate on April 27 -- long after Trump first reintroduced the issue to the public discourse -- Trump was still expressing skepticism, stating that it "needs a truth test" before he can be convinced.

Looks like Bolling could use a truth test of his own.

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