Fox's Latest Attack: Cain Accuser Had "Problems At Work," May Be "A Serial Complainer"


Fox & Friends hosted Peter Doocy this morning to detail the latest developments regarding sexual harassment allegations surrounding Herman Cain. The report touched on the unmasking of the hitherto anonymous accuser, Karen Kraushaar. Doocy stated that Kraushaar had "a history of problems at work." Doocy then described an Associated Press article that reported that Kraushaar had also made a complaint about unfair treatment at a subsequent job, three years after her complaint against Cain. Running underneath the report, on-screen text stated "A Serial Complainer?"


Watch the segment:

The question "A serial complainer?" and the accusation that Kraushaar has a "history of problems at work" are not-so-subtle attempts to discredit Kraushaar by highlighting the fact that she had the audacity to file more than one complaint within the span of her entire lifetime.

This echoes what many on Fox and elsewhere in the right-wing media are doing in response to the Cain allegation: Preemptively attack, dismiss and discredit the accusers while vociferously defending Cain with inflammatory race-baiting.

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