Do Herman Cain's Payments To Dick Morris Also Buy Smears?

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Dick Morris launched a sexist smear campaign targeting a fourth woman accusing Herman Cain of sexual misconduct, calling her a "gold digger" and speculating that she would pose for Playboy. These attacks come on the heels of revelations that Morris is apparently profiting off the Cain campaign while also defending Cain on Fox News.

Morris has received payments over the past few months from the Cain campaign while conducting softball video interviews, sending fundraising appeals, and renting out his email list to the candidate. Some of those payments were quickly followed by appearances on Fox News where, as a Fox News contributor, Morris defended Cain from the original Politico story reporting allegations of sexual harassment.

After Sharon Bialek's press conference Monday where she publicly accused Cain of being "sexually inappropriate" with her years ago, Dick Morris went on the attack. He first went on Lou Dobbs Tonight and called Bialek a "gold digger," accusing her of pushing "an outlandish story" in pursuit of money:

It's the same old thing. This is a perfect marriage. She comes out with Gloria Allred, the attorney. Gloria wants publicity, and Sharon - the woman - wants money. It's the perfect relationship. Sharon's been unemployed for 13 years, she has been sued a million times, and obviously this is a gold digger latching onto a headline grabber. This is a great pair.

He also suggested that this was nothing but a Democratic plot to discredit Herman Cain "because he's pushing this 999 proposal."

Morris continued his smear of Bialek on Hannity, accusing her of being "in search of money," and looking for "a payday." Morris also said "I look forward to her spread in Playboy."

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