Face the Nation's GOP-Fest Allowed Attacks On Liberals, Obama To Go Unanswered

Face the Nation's GOP-Fest Allowed Attacks On Liberals, Obama To Go Unanswered

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On this week's Face The Nation, host Bob Schieffer welcomed a "cross-section of Republicans" for a round table about the state of the GOP campaign season. However, the unbalanced format also allowed Republicans to launch attacks on liberals and President Obama without having anyone on the show present to rebut the allegations.

For instance, addressing the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations, former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie told Schieffer "conservatives believe that liberals" have "a special disdain for black conservatives." He also insisted, "People are fed up with what's going on in Washington and they're frustrated with the Obama economy."

Republican Ken Blackwell attacked the president's "inability to create jobs." And conservative strategist Liz Cheney claimed Americans are "afraid that this president wants higher taxes and more spending and bigger government." (She also insisted Obama had "inherited a victory in Iraq" from president Bush.)

For the record, following the GOP panel discussion, Schieffer then interviewed Republican candidate Jon Huntsman's three daughters, which meant Face the Nation welcomed eight guests to its program this week, seven of which had direct ties to the Republican Party or its campaigns.

The only non-Republican Face the Nation guest? Non-partisan journalist John Dickerson who was addressed just once during the program.

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