Conservative Blogger Riehl: Cain Is A "Jive Talking Huckster"

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After a week in which the conservative media have defended Herman Cain against sexual harassment allegations by alleging that progressives are racist, conservative blogger Dan Riehl has shown what a racial attack really looks like. Riehl called Cain a "jive talking huckster."

From a post on Riehl World View:

It's been clear that Conservatism has lacked for strong political leadership for some years. Fortunately, there are several bright young stars coming up that offer hope for Conservatism's future. I'm by no means writing it off completely as a movement. But that so many conservatives, driven by nothing more than negative emotions, would allow themselves to be drawn in by a jive talking huckster with silly cobbled together at the last minute plans designed more for pizza box sloganeering, than governing a great nation, is embarrassing.

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Dan Riehl
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