Kuhner: "Homosexuality" "Ha[s] Been Elevated To The Sacred Status Of Marriage ... We Have Created A Culture Of Death"


In a November 2 Washington Times review of Laura Ingraham's "Of Thee I Zing," Jeffrey Kuhner wrote that "homosexuality and sodomy have been elevated to the sacred status of marriage." Kuhner went on to write that "we have created a culture of death." From the Times:

This is the larger theme of Laura Ingraham's latest blockbuster, "Of Thee I Zing." The popular, nationally syndicated radio talk-show host is a rare breed in today's media landscape: a flinty cultural conservative who defends traditional America against the relentless assault of secular liberalism.


What Ms. Ingraham describes is the natural, almost inevitable culmination of the 1960s sexual revolution. Radical leftists championed personal liberation and a godless society. They began what they called the "long march through the institutions." They have succeeded. They now occupy the commanding heights of our culture - the dominant media, universities, public schools, Hollywood, television, the entertainment industry, nongovernmental organizations and the arts. Even many religious institutions have been infiltrated.

The result has been a sea of misery. Abortion has slaughtered nearly 50 million unborn babies. Millions have died from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Out-of-wedlock teenage births have skyrocketed. Divorce has soared. The family has broken down. Drugs, pornography and permissiveness are rampant. Homosexuality and sodomy have been elevated to the sacred status of marriage. In some school districts, such as in New York City, 10- and 11-year-old students are being taught all manner of sexual practices. In short, we have created a culture of death.


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