Wash. Times Attacks Michelle Obama As "America's First Nanny"


In a November 1 editorial titled, "Americans groan: Michelle Obama's new book demonstrates her appetite for green," The Washington Times attacked the first lady, calling her "America's First Nanny" who "admits she can't stay away from French fries herself," yet "that doesn't stop her from lecturing everyone else on what to eat." From the Times:

Liberals love to tell other people what to do. America's First Nanny, Michelle Obama, is no exception. Though she admits she can't stay away from French fries herself, that doesn't stop her from lecturing everyone else on what to eat. Now she wants us to spend our money to buy her new book on tips from the White House garden.

"American Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools and Communities," is scheduled to hit the bookshelves April 10, just in time for spring planting - and the 2012 campaign season.


Mrs. Obama, the de-facto national food czar, is backing the effort to redesign the traditional food pyramid. With the help of $2 million from the Department of Agriculture, she converted the pyramid into a food circle. Dubbed "My Plate," the revamped bureaucratic diet regime is supposed to help the hungry eater select correct portions of the various food groups by arranging them as they would appear on a plate just before digging in.

The first lady does lead by example with her crusade for exercise called "Let's Move!" Hitting the road, she visited Chicago on Oct. 25 to warn residents of the dangers of dessert and attend a fundraiser for the Obama Victory Fund. Supporters were offered the opportunity to have their photos taken with Michelle for $10,000.

As Mrs. Obama barnstorms the country for her husband's re-election in the coming year, taxpayers have found her weakness for pricey vacations, costing them $10 million in 2010 alone, a little hard to swallow. While Michelle puts the finishing touches on "American Grown," Americans groan. Meanwhile, the Census Bureau reports 46.2 million Americans are living below the poverty line - the most in 52 years.


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