Big Government: "Are #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Looking for a 21st Century Kent State?"


A November 1 Big Government post suggested the Occupy Wall Street protesters were hoping for a violent retaliation by police similar to the Kent State massacre of 1970. The post further defended the actions of the Oakland Police Department that resulted in the critical wounding of a protester. From Big Government (emphasis in original):

A month ago, Wall Street protesters revived the kind of protests we witnessed in the late 60s and early 70s. These soon became occupations (Occupy Wall Street) and, like those at Kent State so many decades ago, proved to be but a small part of a larger counter culture movement around the country. Sadly, the [...] occupations also proved disrespectful, and frequently downright dangerous, to police officers, as those at Kent State proved to be during those first four days of May. From defecation on police cars, to graffiti on the same, to throwing objects at policemen, occupiers in cities around the country have literally gone after the police with an abandon that begs for [retaliation] yet criticizes any. Through it all, the police have somehow restrained themselves.

I often wonder how the police held back while freaks like those at Occupy Oakland were "throwing feces, paint, rocks, and M-80s [firecrackers]" at them? Sure, the police used tear gas and other "less lethal" means to respond, but even this was criticized because one of the protesters was allegedly struck in the eye by a police canister. Of course, had that protester not been with the freaks who were throwing stuff at the police he would have been fine. And in Denver over the weekend, members of Occupy Denver "kicked police and knocked one officer off his motorcycle." These last 30 days of occupation have been crazy.


I don't know if the hippies and the freaks protesting today want the police to open fire on them the way the National Guard did in 1970, but I do know that throwing "feces, paint, rocks, and M-80s" is pushing the limit (if not crossing it). It just seems like the political correctness that crippled our military after the Vietnam War is now being trusted by hippies who disparage and attack policemen while expecting no consequences in return. In so many ways it's evident that entire generations of Americans have learned absolutely nothing from our past.


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