NJDC: Buchanan Blames Pro-Choice Jews for Unproven Jewish Population Decline


Citing Media Matters' research, the National Jewish Democratic Council responds to Pat Buchanan's "bizarre fixation on Jews," and his allegation from Suicide of a Superpower that American Jews made a "collective decision" to reduce their population by supporting abortion rights:

Former Republican Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan's most recent book - Suicide of a Superpower - addressed the alleged disappearance of American Jews by insinuating that there is a "collective decision" among pro-choice Jewish women to seek abortions. A brief analysis of Buchanan's bogus argument reveals its absurdity and complete lack of logical reasoning or factual support.


Given Buchanan's bizarre fixation on Jews--including his beliefs that Jews are overrepresented in the government and have too much influence in Washington--it is surprising that he has decided to express concern over an alleged decline in the Jewish population - especially considering that the 2010 Brandeis study found an increase in the number of American Jews.

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Pat Buchanan
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