Wash. Times' Kuhner: Obama Is "Empowering Radical Islam Across The Arab World"


In his October 25 Washington Times column titled, "Obama's Arab winter, President plays active role in America's decline, Islam's rise," Jeffrey Kuhner wrote that "President Obama is empowering radical Islam across the Arab world," and that "Mr. Obama is simply managing America's decline." From the Times:

President Obama is empowering radical Islam across the Arab world. He is presiding over both the American decline and the rapid advance of our mortal jihadist enemies. From the Middle East to North Africa, the Arab Spring has turned into an Islamist winter. Contrary to the administration's claims, the popular uprisings have not led to a "rebirth of freedom" - the emergence of liberal democracies in distant Arab lands. Rather, Muslim fundamentalists have used street protests against corrupt, autocratic regimes as a Trojan horse to expand Islamic militancy.


Still, Mr. Obama's greatest failure is Iraq. He has ordered all U.S. troops to be withdrawn from that country by the end of the year - except for about 150 soldiers to protect our huge embassy in Baghdad. He is hailing the decision as a fulfillment of his 2008 campaign pledge. It is a betrayal of the more than 4,400 Americans who died in the war as well as the tens of thousands maimed and crippled.


The trend is clear: American power is in retreat. In its wake are the new invading barbarians.

Like emperors in the final days of Rome, our leaders can pretend that the barbarians pose no imminent threat. Everyone knows, however, that Mr. Obama is simply managing America's decline. His warm embrace of the Arab Spring as a pro-democracy movement simply camouflages the sad reality of our time: The Islamists are rising, threatening freedom wherever they tread.


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