Kuhner: American Students Learning Spanish Is "Treasonous," "Indoctrinat[ion]," And "National Self-Hatred"


In his October 20 Washington Times column titled, "The United States of Mexico? Endgame of multiculturalism looms: Hispanic reacquisition of the Southwest," Jeffrey Kuhner wrote that American high school students learning Spanish "is a form of national self-hatred and self-abnegation." Kuhner also wrote that the students, who were given an assignment to learn the Mexican national anthem, were "being indoctrinated to revere and pledge their loyalty to a foreign government," and called the lesson "treasonous." From the Times:

American students now pledge allegiance to Mexico. They sing its na- tional an- them. And it is sanctioned by the state of Texas. Sound absurd? It is. Last month in a Spanish class at Achieve Early College High School in McAllen, Texas, students recited the Mexican pledge of allegiance and were instructed to memorize the Mexican anthem. Moreover, they had to wear red, white and green - the colors of the Mexican flag - as they fulfilled their class assignment. Public high schools no longer promote American patriotism, but they are doing a superb job of cultivating loyalty to Mexico.


This is treasonous; American students are being indoctrinated to revere and pledge their loyalty to a foreign government. Such is the logical consequence of multiculturalism and modern liberalism.


Decades ago, students learning Spanish would recite the pledge of allegiance to America or sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" in that foreign language. No more. Our education establishment thinks displays of patriotism are signs of "nativism" and "xenophobia." Textbooks regularly teach that America is a nation founded upon racism, sexism, imperialism and genocide. Therefore, students must be taught to appreciate - and respect - foreign peoples and Third World cultures. This is a form of national self-hatred and self-abnegation.

Moreover, this is part of the Hispanicization of America. Since 1990, nearly 20 million illegal aliens have crossed our porous southern border. If one adds legal immigration, the foreign-born population is nearly 40 million. America essentially has imported an entire subculture the size of a major European nation. This is the most dramatic cultural transformation in one generation in history. Our political class is engaged in a dangerous social experiment - one that threatens to destroy our country.


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