CNN's Erickson Concocts Wild Claim About Washington Post's Perry Coverage

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Appearing on CNN last last night, far-right blogger and CNN contributor Erick Erickson lobbed an extraordinary, mind-boggling and completely unsubstantiated claim while discussing the recent controversy surrounding Texas Gov. Rick Perry's hunting ranch.

Over the weekend, the Post reported that Perry's family for years leased a hunting ranch that at some point had a large stone out front greeting guests with the word "Niggerhead" painted on it. (The offensive term was at some point painted over.) The Post has subsequently followed-up with additional reporting.

Asked about the controversy, here's what Erickson said:

ERICKSON: I don't think it's very significant. I think the Media Research Center today pointed out that the Washington Post in just the last couple of days has written more words on this story than they ever wrote on the Jeremiah Wright story, for its entire existence, with his connection to Barack Obama.

Can you believe that? The Post in just two days wrote more about Perry's ranch than it "ever" has written about Obama's controversial Chicago preacher, Rev. Wright.

Answer: No, you cannot believe it. The allegation is beyond fantastical and highlights the reason CNN never should have hired someone as factually challenged as Erickson in the first place.

First of all, despite Erickson's claim, the Media Research Center did not highlight the difference in Washington Post coverage between the Perry ranch story and Obama's 2008 Wright controversy. At least not on its website. But it doesn't really matter if Erickson simply misspoke and it was another conservative outlet that made the claim because the assertion is 100% bogus.

Fact: As of last night, according to Nexis, the Post had published roughly 4,000 words about Perry's ranch in recent days.

Fact: As of last night, according to Nexis, the Post over the years had published at least 46,000 words about Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama. (You read that figure correctly.)

But Erickson went on TV last night claimed the exact opposite was true.

Erick Erickson
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