NRA's "Single Issue" Is Obama, Not Guns

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Last week the media arm of the National Rifle Association (NRA) complied several segments from the NRA radio program Cam & Company into a package entitled "Obama Campaign Controversies." Host Cam Edwards interviewed conservative media figures that recycled a string of right-wing talking points on the Solyndra bankruptcy, the economy, the Democrats losing Anthony Weiner's former district and Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign. They talked about guns too, when they had time.

NRA News

The NRA is theoretically a single issue organization, but their activities often blur the lines. Usually when the NRA wants to push a conservative issue they seek to veil the effort under the banner of "culture." Now the NRA is dropping the game and pushing right-wing talking points without any particular connection to anything other than attacking President Obama. During his speech Friday at CPAC-Florida, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre explained that "if NRA has anything to say about it, President Barack Obama won't get a second term."

During one an extended clip with Jim Geraghty of the National Review Online campaign blogger featured Geraghty attacking the Obama jobs plan, plugging Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert's (R-TX) American Jobs Act, making a dig at the Democrats for not holding Anthony Weiner's congressional district in the recent special election, jabbing the White House for wanting people to eat vegetables, and discussing the Solyndra bankruptcy. Eventually they weaved back to gun-related subjects.

In another segment Edwards interviewed C.J. Ciaramella of The Daily Caller to talk about Solyndra's bankruptcy. Edwards wanted to know what Rahm Emanuel knew about solar panels and when he knew it.

It's hard to blame NRA News for getting off subject. How long could you listen to John Bolton talk about how the U.N. is plotting to grab everyone's guns?

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