Beck Joins Chorus Of Right-Wing Lip Readers Attacking Michelle Obama


Yesterday, a video began making the rounds among the right-wing media that showed Michelle and Barack Obama at the September 11 ceremony this past weekend. The Washington Times and right-wing bloggers claimed that they could see the first lady mouthing a disparaging comment about the American flag to her husband. The video has no audio of what she said. The first lady's communications director has released a statement explaining that Mrs. Obama was commenting to her husband about how powerful she found the ceremony.

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck contributed his own attack and devoted an entire segment to analyzing the video. He had a deaf staff member give his interpretation of what Michelle Obama said, and he and his sidekicks speculated about the meaning of her facial expression, body language, and her husband's reaction. Finally, toward the end of the segment, Beck concluded that the first lady must have been disparaging the flag, even though no one could say so definitively, because she and her husband see America as "an oppressor nation" and "don't care about the flag." He also said, "Let's just say they're the flag-burning type."

Here's an excerpt from the segment, with Beck's "logical explanation" about what she must have said.

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