Wash. Times' Gaffney Suggests Obama's National Security Policies "Will Cost Us Greatly In Lives And Treasure"


In his September 12 Washington Times column, Frank Gaffney suggested that President Obama's national security policies "will cost us greatly in lives and treasure." From the Times:

The evisceration of our military and its supporting industrial base - a likely hallmark of the Obama policy legacy - will be a far more important determinant of our future security and that of the free world more generally than all of Mr. Obama's putative decisiveness in the fight against al Qaeda. Today's spin will be the subject of tomorrow's ridicule as we inevitably reap the whirlwind of wars that could have been prevented.

The key question is: Will Republicans be able to show that they opposed the abandonment of the time-tested principle that Ronald Reagan called "peace through strength"? Or will they prove to the American people that they were "irrelevant" - or worse, complicit - in conduct by Mr. Obama that will cost us greatly in lives and treasure?


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