The Quotable Limbaugh: 9-11 Edition

Blog ››› ››› SIMON MALOY

Rush Limbaugh, in 2004, arguing that President Bush was right to launch a war with Iraq because we couldn't afford to "take the chance" after 9-11:

LIMBAUGH: It is not "Bush's war." Bush never said, "There's an imminent threat." He said: There's a clear and gathering danger, and in the aftermath of 9/11, how often do we have to go through this in the aftermath of 9/11 when it's been demonstrated that terrorists will do anything to attack this country and knowing what we thought we knew about the acquisition of nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons and the fact inspectors to find those have been thrown out. How could we not take the chance? How could we take the chance that it was all bogus after 9/11 happened? This is just beyond my ability to -- well, not beyond my ability to comprehend.

Rush Limbaugh, today, attacking President Obama for visiting a soup kitchen to commemorate 9-11, because "What does a soup kitchen have to do with 9-11?"

LIMBAUGH: The president of the United States, on 9-11 -- the president who wrecked our economy -- shows up at a soup kitchen, on 9-11, to honor... what? What do you honor? What does a soup kitchen have to do with 9-11? What are you honoring? That our country has no jobs? A soup kitchen! All for the purposes of spreading his notion of what we should be doing on 9-11. A day of service?

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